I must have been trained by Nancy Drew...

>> Thursday, April 8, 2010

I grew up with a lot of questions.. why? how? but why? 
My best friend doesn't like watching certain types of movies with me, especially Sci-Fi - cuz I never get contented with explanations. 

Maybe I should put the blame on my Nancy Drew book collection. I've developed a "detective" mindset. Which comes in handy, by the way. I think I've sort of sharpened my 6th sense (a.k.a intuition). I do have the knack of knowing if I can trust a person or not (so far). And there were quite a number of times I had my personal theories on people and situations proven true! 

Here are some cases (no Facebook investigations involved, ok. haha):

Hubby's Auntie (after a vacation abroad/reunion): Ohhh there's something you have to know...
Me: Oh my goodness...  somebody's courting Kim...
Hubby: Huh?!
Auntie: How'd you know? 
Me: .... Jake.. It's Jake...?!
Me: I don't know.. I just guessed.

Hubby (when we were selling some stuff): I seem to trust this guy. He's serious about buying.
Me: Uhmm.. I could be wrong but I don't trust him. I think he'll back out at the last minute. Let's just give it to the next buyer.
Hubby: Look, he already gave the deposit. He'll pay in full on Friday.
Me: I don't know. He's gonna back out. I can feel it. He's gonna back out on Friday.
And on Friday... he backed out, got his refund, and got away with a book hubby lent him coz he "trusted" him enough. :P

Hubby: Ohh, guess what, Mark's ex-gf (whom I met once, a couple of years back) is attending the same seminar as he.
Me: She's doing that because she wants him back.
Hubby: No.. she has a new guy already, that's why they broke up... And he has a new girlfriend too.
Me: No, I swear she wants him back.
Hubby: Unlikely.They're just friends now.
After a few days... 
Hubby: Guess what. She just told him she wanted him back. That's why she joined the seminar!
Me: Told you so. :-P

Weird... and FUNNN! haha..

And I dunno.. when I was still a student, I used to have the habit of trying to choose answers in a test based on how my nose "tingles" when I look at the choices.. (LOL!) sort of my personal Eenie Meenie Miny Mo. Hilarious, I know! It could be just a coincidence, but I've actually passed some exams  because of that.

Come to think of it.. I just did it again last week for a written exam (with Geography questions) for a job.. and I passed! ;-)


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