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>> Monday, April 5, 2010

hayyy... every bone in my body is yearning for Europe.. if i had no other concerns in life, i would have moved to Europe a long time ago, pursuing a career in a museum or something, trying odd jobs (in a local cafe, or a patisserie, or a farm, anything....) drinking in all the cultures and history.. exploring all the royal crown jewels and knights armors.. the architecture, the parks, the monuments, the sculptures, the castles, the paintings, the traditions, the food... just travelling.. travelling.. travelling until I have satisfied this thirst for knowledge and experience ;-) a nomadic lifestyle is very tempting to me.. but my family is more valuable than anything. i wish i was free and courageous to do this when i was 18.. or 20.. then maybe by now it would have been time to go home.. to my parents and to my home country..

hmm... maybe it's time for some serious talk with hubby so that in 5 years time we could look back and say "yes, we spent the past 5 years just the way we wanted".. ;-)

Thank you God for life. I may be hungry for a lot of things but thank you God with all my heart for my family (sisses and inlaws incl. of course) and friends.. especially for my parents.. they are far from being very healthy but I cannot thank You enough that they are still here, still able to enjoy life, though sadly without all their children... Thank You for my hubby, for all the love, and for all the opportunities that You've been giving us... Thank you that I am able to thank you. It means I am blessed with the gift of finding simple joys. I pray that you continue to bless and take care of my loved ones.. You know who they are.. =)

Happy Easter! :-)


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