How Do I Introduce "Me"? Let me count the ways...

>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seriously.. this started as an answer to the "About Me" section in my other blog. I couldn't decide on how to describe myself best so I just decided to skip the trivial parts... Then it got too long.. and I felt it didn't make sense to write about this. But at the same time it makes a lot of sense if I do.

So it went to this blog. Perfect. :)

About Me:
My name is
I'm 30 and I'm married.
I'm on Facebook and I'm hooked to some games.
I'm a housewife living in Dubai.
I used to work in a bank
I love a lot of things. I love my

Just call me "Tee".

My heart is here in Dubai with hubby and me... We are happy together but there is this void. And it's because -
A huge chunk is with my parents in the Philippines
and another in SFO with my sisses and family. 
A nagging bit is in Europe simply because my soul seems to belong there.
A part is with God and heaven with all my departed loved ones.
A big piece has turned into fervent prayer that my family is healthy and safe.
A portion is in the future, our dreams, that we're trying to build with care...
as well as in the past where I remember good memories with a smile
and revisit some learned lessons that could serve as a guide.
A sweet little section belongs to my dogs- and why not?
A part is with my country and yes, my countrymen.
A piece is with my friends whom I miss back home,
and for new friends that we're happy to have known.
A sizable chunk is with my other loved ones, relatives, and those dear to me.
And... A chunk A part A little part is left of me.. for myself.. my choices... my wants...

Whew! I think I just made some sort of poem.
And clearly, there is something I must work on. ;-P
If people introduced themselves this way, wouldn't the world be a simpler place?
Now you know me. May I know who you are? :-)


~ "C" a.k.a. Wonder Wifey April 7, 2010 at 3:16 PM  

can't say anything different from what you "DITTO!!!"


LIFE. My professor said one time, we're not super humans even if we think we are capable, and even if we try to make the best choices we want, there will always be regrets in the end, and we have to live with that. It will just depend on what side of the tracks that regret will come from...

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