Flying Dreams: my favorite!

>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

I just needed to write about my dream.

This is the second dream I've had that I was flying and damn it felt WONDERFUL!!!
First dream was a couple of months back. I was a wizard like Harry Potter but we were flying without brooms. We were a big group of wizards and we needed to migrate somehwere. It was a loooooong journey.. We were flying fast over fields, seas, roads... and i even felt the thrill about making sure that "muggles" don't see us. I LOOOOOOOVED the feel of the wind all around me... we were flying.. doing somersaults on air... flying sideways.. on my back... flying back to interesting spots I see..  and just having a great time and sharing laughs with my "fellow wizards" (i'm not sure but I think one of them was Hermione, hehe).

Since I've had that dream, I started bugging our friends to go indoor skydiving with me. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet.

I almost forgot that dream. Until I had a similar dream again last night.

I was flying again as fast as I could. If I were driving in F1, I would be overspeeding BIGTIME (if there could ever be a thing such as overspeeding in F1).
I had flying powers and the other people weren't supposed to know. So I flew when I had to rush to somewhere, but stopped and acted normal whenever there are other people. Sometimes I flew away to make sure other people didn't see me. When I was alone, I would fly to my room. Or to the second floor of a big house in my dream, with a big staircase. Maybe we where in a big yacht, or a ship cuz the staircase reminded me of Titanic's.
Then I had to race somewhere... and I was flying so fast I could feel the whooooosh of the strong winds against me.. under my arms.. on my face and hair... and all over my body... IT FELT ADDICTIVE. I was overtaking yachts, flying over the water... (I don't even know if it was a river, an ocean or what.).. Slowing down when I needed to, and accelerating faster when I wanted to...  IT FELT WONDERFUL.

I wish I could really fly. It feels hmmm.. "the superlative of superlatives" GOOD.


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