Flying Dreams: my favorite!

>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

I just needed to write about my dream.

This is the second dream I've had that I was flying and damn it felt WONDERFUL!!!
First dream was a couple of months back. I was a wizard like Harry Potter but we were flying without brooms. We were a big group of wizards and we needed to migrate somehwere. It was a loooooong journey.. We were flying fast over fields, seas, roads... and i even felt the thrill about making sure that "muggles" don't see us. I LOOOOOOOVED the feel of the wind all around me... we were flying.. doing somersaults on air... flying sideways.. on my back... flying back to interesting spots I see..  and just having a great time and sharing laughs with my "fellow wizards" (i'm not sure but I think one of them was Hermione, hehe).

Since I've had that dream, I started bugging our friends to go indoor skydiving with me. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet.

I almost forgot that dream. Until I had a similar dream again last night.

I was flying again as fast as I could. If I were driving in F1, I would be overspeeding BIGTIME (if there could ever be a thing such as overspeeding in F1).
I had flying powers and the other people weren't supposed to know. So I flew when I had to rush to somewhere, but stopped and acted normal whenever there are other people. Sometimes I flew away to make sure other people didn't see me. When I was alone, I would fly to my room. Or to the second floor of a big house in my dream, with a big staircase. Maybe we where in a big yacht, or a ship cuz the staircase reminded me of Titanic's.
Then I had to race somewhere... and I was flying so fast I could feel the whooooosh of the strong winds against me.. under my arms.. on my face and hair... and all over my body... IT FELT ADDICTIVE. I was overtaking yachts, flying over the water... (I don't even know if it was a river, an ocean or what.).. Slowing down when I needed to, and accelerating faster when I wanted to...  IT FELT WONDERFUL.

I wish I could really fly. It feels hmmm.. "the superlative of superlatives" GOOD.


God listened to my heart before I even prayed... :-)

A few days ago I was feeling sentimental and wrote about not having been able to pursue my "European" and travel dreams... (You can check out my first post!) You see, I've always wanted to travel A LOT, especially in Europe, which is admittedly not an easy thing to do for personal reasons, aside from financial ones.

I've always wanted to be a flight attendant mainly because of the travel perks. I've attempted a number of times to apply and even paid for a training which I decided to drop when something more important came up in our family. I stopped pursuing it because I simply couldn't leave my parents behind for a career that would take me from them. They are "not very healthy", as I prefer to say.

I've dedicated almost the past 2 years of my life for my loved ones.. shuttling back and forth the Philippines  and Dubai to be with them in their times of need. My parents have always been my first priority, and my poor loving husband, the second. I received several job offers but couldn't take them as I always had to fly back in a couple of months. Circumstances in my life had put me in this position... I couldn't plan my own life, and yet it never felt right to complain because I love them with all my heart and I am simply grateful that I can serve them. (I am even so frustrated with the 3 grey hairs on top of my head  because I felt nothing in my life or growth stood for them) I just buried whatever questions I had in my heart. My prayers were always for them.. for my loved ones. I didn't ask God for travels,  nor for material things... I didn't pray to God for a career, moreso for a dream that I have given up long ago.

An opportunity came up. I am on my longest stay here (around 6 months at least), and finally, I can apply for a job. Any job, I thought, that could let me buy a few things I wanted and perhaps a few gifts for my parents. (My hubby is a very understanding, loving, and generous person, but we also have to save for our future. He has already been very generous with my airfares and all, so I didn't really want to ask him for unnecessary things.)

Last April 5, I wrote about my dream of travelling, and how I have accepted the fact that working in Europe was no longer realistic. I can only travel there at my own expense.. obviously not as much as I would want to, for financial restraints.

Two days after, I was given a job offer in one of the world's best airline companies.

Today, I accepted their offer.

I get to work as a regular staff but most importantly, I would get almost, if not the SAME BENEFITS AS A FLIGHT ATTENDANT.
And that is, up to 90% off on airfares, for me, my husband, sisters, and parents. Anywhere in the world!

My hubby and I are dreaming already of spending weekends in London, or Athens... having vacations wherever...

I feel so blessed... Maybe there's a purpose why God hasn't blessed us with a baby yet. Maybe He wants to reward us with travels first, which He knows, is what we love to do.

I just pray that circumstances in my life would agree with me.. this year especially. I'm already about to hold my dream in my hands. Life, please let it stay there until I have actually enjoyed it already.

Next year is another story... You see, my hubby and I have made a decision that will change our lives next year. We're going home for good for our loved ones' sake.

Thank you dear God. I didn't ask, and yet you gave me what I wished for in my heart... a career that  would let me explore the beauty of the wonderful world you've made.  =)


Random Thoughts...

>> Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ok so I was born a ponderer. Or a thinker? Or maybe it developed as I grew up.

When I was young, my grandma always told me that the world would end in the year 2000. So when I was maybe 6 or 7, I used to always look out the window and wondered how the world would end, and what I should do to survive given different scenarios... what age I should marry so at least I'll be married when the world ends... la la la la la...

Then in college, I moved to the big city.. and I realized that the world wasn't really going to end in 2000. My questions and pondering shifted to other stuff. I loved random trivia... I still treasure my old books like "Why Are Dog's Noses Wet?" and "Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?" where I found trivia like these:

Why is a manhole round? 
- Because it's the ideal size to fit a man (nope, not only that...)
- Because a round manhole cover wouldn't fall inside even if it's turned sideways. Unlike if it's a square manhole where the square cover could accidentally fall in diagonally. (aha!)


Did you know that if you fill a sink with water and pull the plug, the direction wherein the water is drained is opposite in the other side of the world (North Pole and South Pole)... and the same goes for some types of toilets when you flush them. 

I don't know if it's true, but useless trivia such as these do amuse me.

So when I learned that my hubby's Lolo (grandfather) has a habit of asking waiters the difference among Mineral Water, Distilled Water, and Purified Water.. I suddenly felt that we'd get along well! =)

So the point is??!
Hmm.. I guess my point is... expect more trivia and pondering posts here...  I created this blog anyway with Europe and the "manhole trivia" in mind. Seriously.


I must have been trained by Nancy Drew...

I grew up with a lot of questions.. why? how? but why? 
My best friend doesn't like watching certain types of movies with me, especially Sci-Fi - cuz I never get contented with explanations. 

Maybe I should put the blame on my Nancy Drew book collection. I've developed a "detective" mindset. Which comes in handy, by the way. I think I've sort of sharpened my 6th sense (a.k.a intuition). I do have the knack of knowing if I can trust a person or not (so far). And there were quite a number of times I had my personal theories on people and situations proven true! 

Here are some cases (no Facebook investigations involved, ok. haha):

Hubby's Auntie (after a vacation abroad/reunion): Ohhh there's something you have to know...
Me: Oh my goodness...  somebody's courting Kim...
Hubby: Huh?!
Auntie: How'd you know? 
Me: .... Jake.. It's Jake...?!
Me: I don't know.. I just guessed.

Hubby (when we were selling some stuff): I seem to trust this guy. He's serious about buying.
Me: Uhmm.. I could be wrong but I don't trust him. I think he'll back out at the last minute. Let's just give it to the next buyer.
Hubby: Look, he already gave the deposit. He'll pay in full on Friday.
Me: I don't know. He's gonna back out. I can feel it. He's gonna back out on Friday.
And on Friday... he backed out, got his refund, and got away with a book hubby lent him coz he "trusted" him enough. :P

Hubby: Ohh, guess what, Mark's ex-gf (whom I met once, a couple of years back) is attending the same seminar as he.
Me: She's doing that because she wants him back.
Hubby: No.. she has a new guy already, that's why they broke up... And he has a new girlfriend too.
Me: No, I swear she wants him back.
Hubby: Unlikely.They're just friends now.
After a few days... 
Hubby: Guess what. She just told him she wanted him back. That's why she joined the seminar!
Me: Told you so. :-P

Weird... and FUNNN! haha..

And I dunno.. when I was still a student, I used to have the habit of trying to choose answers in a test based on how my nose "tingles" when I look at the choices.. (LOL!) sort of my personal Eenie Meenie Miny Mo. Hilarious, I know! It could be just a coincidence, but I've actually passed some exams  because of that.

Come to think of it.. I just did it again last week for a written exam (with Geography questions) for a job.. and I passed! ;-)


How Do I Introduce "Me"? Let me count the ways...

>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seriously.. this started as an answer to the "About Me" section in my other blog. I couldn't decide on how to describe myself best so I just decided to skip the trivial parts... Then it got too long.. and I felt it didn't make sense to write about this. But at the same time it makes a lot of sense if I do.

So it went to this blog. Perfect. :)

About Me:
My name is
I'm 30 and I'm married.
I'm on Facebook and I'm hooked to some games.
I'm a housewife living in Dubai.
I used to work in a bank
I love a lot of things. I love my

Just call me "Tee".

My heart is here in Dubai with hubby and me... We are happy together but there is this void. And it's because -
A huge chunk is with my parents in the Philippines
and another in SFO with my sisses and family. 
A nagging bit is in Europe simply because my soul seems to belong there.
A part is with God and heaven with all my departed loved ones.
A big piece has turned into fervent prayer that my family is healthy and safe.
A portion is in the future, our dreams, that we're trying to build with care...
as well as in the past where I remember good memories with a smile
and revisit some learned lessons that could serve as a guide.
A sweet little section belongs to my dogs- and why not?
A part is with my country and yes, my countrymen.
A piece is with my friends whom I miss back home,
and for new friends that we're happy to have known.
A sizable chunk is with my other loved ones, relatives, and those dear to me.
And... A chunk A part A little part is left of me.. for myself.. my choices... my wants...

Whew! I think I just made some sort of poem.
And clearly, there is something I must work on. ;-P
If people introduced themselves this way, wouldn't the world be a simpler place?
Now you know me. May I know who you are? :-)


3 Q's:

>> Monday, April 5, 2010

When you're old and grey, where would you say "yes"?

1. Have I pursued my passions enough and experienced everything I wanted?

2. Have I spent enough time with my loved ones?

3. Have I loved enough to even be torn between the two?

Just a thought... :-)

Good day!


Europe is on my mind... always.

hayyy... every bone in my body is yearning for Europe.. if i had no other concerns in life, i would have moved to Europe a long time ago, pursuing a career in a museum or something, trying odd jobs (in a local cafe, or a patisserie, or a farm, anything....) drinking in all the cultures and history.. exploring all the royal crown jewels and knights armors.. the architecture, the parks, the monuments, the sculptures, the castles, the paintings, the traditions, the food... just travelling.. travelling.. travelling until I have satisfied this thirst for knowledge and experience ;-) a nomadic lifestyle is very tempting to me.. but my family is more valuable than anything. i wish i was free and courageous to do this when i was 18.. or 20.. then maybe by now it would have been time to go home.. to my parents and to my home country..

hmm... maybe it's time for some serious talk with hubby so that in 5 years time we could look back and say "yes, we spent the past 5 years just the way we wanted".. ;-)

Thank you God for life. I may be hungry for a lot of things but thank you God with all my heart for my family (sisses and inlaws incl. of course) and friends.. especially for my parents.. they are far from being very healthy but I cannot thank You enough that they are still here, still able to enjoy life, though sadly without all their children... Thank You for my hubby, for all the love, and for all the opportunities that You've been giving us... Thank you that I am able to thank you. It means I am blessed with the gift of finding simple joys. I pray that you continue to bless and take care of my loved ones.. You know who they are.. =)

Happy Easter! :-)


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